“Online Treasure ??”

treasure2Thanks for being here. “The online Treasure” is a website or blog about various valuable knowledge or information found on internet. “Treasure” here is nothing but a piece of “knowledge” about anything, which would be useful to every one or whoever is interested, and scattered over the wide ocean of internet. There are plenty of information available on internet about anything and equally (or more)  the scams or wrong information. I am here not to tell you which is true or which is false (which is obviously most difficult part) but trying to consolidate and present the bits and pieces of information I collected from various internet sources during my own research on varicose topics.

My interested topics are “making money online”, “hacking and cracking”, “latest gadgets”, “software” and “web mastering and SEO” . But it is not just limited to those subjects, I would equally interested any other subjects at times and would research and try to learn and collect information. Recently I have been doing some research on making money online and found there are many peoples who are fooled or partially fooled by selling loads of eBooks on money making online. These books are sold by good marketing techniques (like very nice looking, “too good to be true” websites – called squeez pages) and priced “looks reasonable”. I am not telling every such books are crap, but many of such eBooks what I experienced are not that great for the purpose and I still believe there is not “one size fit all” solution for “making money online”. Unlike dresses, we cannot try and change these eBooks (I would say “money back guarantee” is really a crap on such cases).

This made me to think that why don’t I try to put all such information from my research here and help someone who desperately searching for such  “knowledge” or information – for them it is really a “Treasure”

Please enjoy your time here and don’t forget to leave your comments which would definitely needed to improve this blog as I am just starting my journey!

 ( “Image courtesy: “digitalart” / FreeDigitalPhotos.net”)


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