Crack document password – recover word document password (RC4 encryption and decryption)

password_mainThere are many tools or software out there claiming word password recovery or office password recovery (to crack the password of documents) and all these tools are getting good customer attention. Most of them labelled as free password recovery tool but in reality to get the full version we need to buy the software. But the question here is how many of you have succeeded with such tools! Most of these tools share common methods or concepts explained below and we should really think about success rate of such tools before spending money on them.

I believe if a document is strongly protected (128 bit encryption) with a password, as of now the possibility of cracking the password and open the document is almost nil! All we can do is try our luck (yes, I really mean it) by these tools. And if we are really lucky, voila, we got the password or else we can leave the password cracking tool running for millions of years!! (by thinking that it will crack document password or recover excel password etc.)

This article is for learning purpose only and trying to show vulnerability of legacy RC4 40 bit encryption.

Common type of attacks (methods of cracking – brute-force and dictionary attacks )

Password cracking tools usually uses any or all of the below Continue reading