Can iPhone be unlocked – at&t iphone unlock (factory unlock iPhone 4, RSIM, Gevey etc.)

The answer is ‘yes’, the iPhone can be unlocked. OK guys, this is not about a hack or ‘make money online stuff’ but about a most wanted service for iphoneiPhone owners around the world – the SIM unlock for their iPhone so that it can be used with many different carriers. I hope you already know what iPhone ‘unlock’ means.

I have seen people are spending a good amount of money to get their iPhone unlocked which ranges from $$ to $$$ !!! and in many case they are ripped-off. So I thought I would just introduce you guys some cheap or almost free iPhone unlocking services. These services are 100% legit and working and I personally tried those (I recently unlocked my Bell Canada iPhone 4s and my friend’s USA at&t iPhone 5 using the same service and methods) and moreover those service or methods are very cheap.

Please note, each method will only work with specific iPhone model, iOS version and/or carrier, you need to choose the right one out of them; so read on..

Factory unlock iPhone (iPhone carrier unlock)

attThis would be the most favorite method of all ‘unlockers’. In this method, the iPhone IMEI would be marked as ‘unlocked’ in manufactures (Apple) database so when you connect iPhone next time to iTunes it would be automatically unlocked. This unlock is permanent and the phone will never lock again. This method is also called iPhone carrier unlock and is good for carrier unlock iPhone 4 (which is not possible with RSIM, gevey sim unlock method – explained later in this post)

Support: All models and version of iPhone available so far (unlock iPhone 4 ios 5, unlock iPhone ios 5 etc.) Continue reading


Crack document password – rc4 decryption (part 2)

security_2Alright, we will directly jump to the subject matter. If you want to get some basics on what we are talking about please read my earlier post – Crack document password – recover word document password

This article is for learning purpose only, shows the vulnerability of legacy RC4 40 bit encryption on documents.

As explained in my previous hub, we will brute force the encryption key instead of password, the easiest and possible way. So we need to validate each possible key available in the key space against the ‘verifier hash’ which is stored in the RC4 encryption header in the document (word/excel).

RC4 Encryption Header

Now we will check the document RC4 header structure and see what is Continue reading

Crack document password – recover word document password (RC4 encryption and decryption)

password_mainThere are many tools or software out there claiming word password recovery or office password recovery (to crack the password of documents) and all these tools are getting good customer attention. Most of them labelled as free password recovery tool but in reality to get the full version we need to buy the software. But the question here is how many of you have succeeded with such tools! Most of these tools share common methods or concepts explained below and we should really think about success rate of such tools before spending money on them.

I believe if a document is strongly protected (128 bit encryption) with a password, as of now the possibility of cracking the password and open the document is almost nil! All we can do is try our luck (yes, I really mean it) by these tools. And if we are really lucky, voila, we got the password or else we can leave the password cracking tool running for millions of years!! (by thinking that it will crack document password or recover excel password etc.)

This article is for learning purpose only and trying to show vulnerability of legacy RC4 40 bit encryption.

Common type of attacks (methods of cracking – brute-force and dictionary attacks )

Password cracking tools usually uses any or all of the below Continue reading